Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy


Sports injuries rehabilitation is a service for individuals with sports-related injuries or for those who may be experiencing degeneration and/or muscle atrophy to the knees, shoulder, spine, hip and foot.

Infinity’s sports physiotherapist will develop a therapeutic plan to improve overall performance, strength and conditioning, balance and coordination, posture and mechanics, to help decrease the incidence of repetitive injuries and allow athletes to remain active and competitive. Components of this program may include evaluation, examination and assessment of injury.

Over-use or repetitive micro trauma injuries such as shoulder and knee pain are common amongst athletes.

At Infinity Clinic we have in place an injury prevention screening protocol and a program to assess and maximize a athletes ‘core’ stability. This screening program will assist in injury management and prevention, as well as maximizing your potential.

The screening process involves analysis of the particular areas of the body specific to your sport. These results are compared to a database of ideal values and an individualized exercise program is devised and prescribed to the patient.

    • The program has been developed with our Sports Physiotherapist as well as specialist coaches. The program aims to reduce the incidence of a range of acute and soft tissue conditions seen commonly in athletes.
    • All of this leads to the athlete being able to train harder and longer thus optimizing their potential while reducing injury occurrence!
    • Screenings take place within our clinic.

Health Insurance companies may cover the cost as part of your Physiotherapy treatment if your injury is sports related.

Marko Bukvic
Sports Physiotherapy