Synergistic Healthcare Methodology (SHM)

Synergistic Healthcare Methodology (SHM)


The Human Tecar SHM is an innovative methodology that has changed modern physiotherapy. Through the combined action of sophisticated manual techniques, cutting-edge technologies and products formulated with functional ingredients, SHM allows different therapies to be performed at the same time, improving effectiveness, speed and duration of the end result.

How SHM works?

Starting from the objective observation of the perfect equilibrium that a biological system enjoys in normal conditions. It is not a question of fighting, but of internally stimulating the tissues and supporting the body in its ability to recover, inducing the body to do all it can to activate natural anti-inflammatory and healing process.

The screening process involves analysis of the particular areas of the body specific to your sport. These results are compared to a database of ideal values and an individualized exercise program is devised and prescribed to the patient.


Physical wellbeing and health are essential for everybody, that they are rights to which all are entitled, and for this reason should be accessible to everyone.

Every day we work towards this goal through science, research and innovation. Our aim is to reduce the duration of therapy so that we can treat and prevent certain disorders more quickly and effectively.

SHM: Areas of Application

In physiotherapy, prevention means stopping even the slightest inflammation, contracture, muscle fatigue or stress from turning into an acute or chronic disorder that is harder to treat, with consequences that can affect one’s quality of life. Human Tecar SHM has been adopted as a prevention technique not only in high-level professional sport, but also in occupational medicine, tanks to the speed with which it can eliminate even complex problems.

Rehabilitation and Pain Therapy
SHM is effective in the early treatment of all non-surgical osteoarticular and acute and chronic muscular diseases. When the technique is performed according to tested protocols, SHM offers the person being treated a number of advantages, starting with safety. Repeated and prolonged treatments can therefore be carried out even over a single day. In this way, recovery time is further reduced.

The rapidly achieved and sustained results are benefits enjoyed from the very first session: intense analgesic action from working on the nerve endings, tissue drainage from working on microcirculation, and strong functional stimulation at the peripheral circulation level from modulation of endogenous temperature. The results obtained are stable over time.

In addition to the treatment of acute and chronic osteoarticular disorders, SHM can also help recovery from excessive overwork that can induce muscle pain, in delayed healing of traumas, in sleep disorders, in the possible onset of intercurrent illnesses due to the temporary reduction of immune defences, and the inability to continue training due to insufficient levels of strength, speed and resistance. It is particularly useful for so-called “overtraining syndrome” but equally for those instances in our daily lives where performance close to or above the limits of fatigue is demanded of the body.